Is the grass greener?

At a braai (party) on the weekend one of the topics that surfaced was which countries have the best standard of living. The general thought in South Africa is that if you want a better future for your children or even for yourself, it’s better to leave your country of birth and move overseas. The general consensus is that America, Britain, Canada, New Zealand or Australia all offer better living conditions than anywhere in Africa. But is this true? England is overrun by foreigners and the USA has always been the “land of opportunity.” The question is, is the grass really greener on the other side?

As I’ve never had the opportunity to live and work in another country, all my opinions have been formed by talking to people who have been there. The startling fact is, that although many South Africans are still making the change and seeking better lives overseas, a lot of ex-pats are returning to South Africa. Many have come to realise that crime and corruption isn’t only confined to this country. There are still a lot of benefits to living in South Africa and it seems that more and more people are realising this. The average person can still afford to buy a house and a car. Our education system is excellent, even our public schools, which cannot be said for a lot of first-world countries. Although living in South Africa is still a big challenge, maybe people should stop trying to run away from the problems, and rather face them right at home, because in my experience no problem or issue in life is fixed by running away from it. You have to face it, deal with and and fix it.

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